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Many of the first Lutheran settlers in this area came mainly from New York and purchased and settled on railroad land. At the time of settlement these homesteaders, thinking that the railroad would eventually be built through this area, laid out the plot for a town to be called Bethlehem.  The first Lutheran congregation was started at Bethlehem, five miles southwest of the town of Altamont, which was founded at a later date.  No doubt the families started holding services in the late 1850's.  In 1860 a building was erected which served the congregation until 1867 at which time the present church building was erected.  The very early records are incomplete and not much information can be found pertaining to the establishment of this congregation and its early years.  It is known that from 1861 on there were baptisms and other ministerial acts and that this congregation was served by Pastors of the Buffalo Synod.  It is also recorded that the first three Trustees elected were Godfried Hoffmeister, John Laatsch, and August Wolf.



We believe that the Bible is the verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God and the only basis and norm for faith and life. We believe that Jesus Christ is man's only Savior from sin and the Lord of our life. We believe that the Holy Spirit creates and preserves faith in man through the Word of God.